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Julien Fortier

Registered Social Worker, and Counsellor

R.S.W.,M.S.W., B.S.W., B.M.T.

Languages Spoken: English and French

Feeling overwhelmed with mental health challenges and unsure where to turn? Julien Fortier, MSW, an experienced Social Worker, might be the answer you're looking for. Julien brings a unique blend of expertise and empathy to his Toronto-based practice, specializing in various mental health areas. Are you struggling with intellectual disabilities or dual diagnosis? Do you face challenges related to substance use disorders, anxiety, depression, schizophrenia, schizoaffective disorder, psychosis, bipolar disorder, ADD, or ADHD? Julien's extensive knowledge can guide you toward a healthier mindset.

Julien is not just a social worker; he's also a skilled music therapist. His holistic approach to healing includes mindfulness techniques and music-based interventions. He takes a holistic approach to healing, including mindfulness techniques, CBT, and music-based interventions. This combination is particularly effective for those dealing with complex mental health concerns. Julien is passionate about equity in care and reducing barriers to access, ensuring that his services are inclusive and comprehensive.

His practice focuses on individual counselling, particularly for those grappling with substance use and intricate mental health issues. Julien's strength-based practices, advocacy skills, and proficiency in inter-professional team building make him a strong ally in complex case management. He also excels in developing strong interpersonal and professional communication skills, providing sexual health education, and coordinating discharge planning with family and community support.

Julien is exceptionally skilled in working with people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and dual diagnosis (IDD/DD), offering a compassionate and understanding approach to every client. His experience in assessing and formulating treatment plans, along with verbal processing therapy for emotional support and symptom management, makes him a valuable resource for anyone.

In summary, Julien Fortier MSW is a dedicated social worker and music therapist who offers a wide range of services tailored to meet the unique needs of his clients. His commitment to holistic healing and expertise in various mental health specialties make him an excellent choice for anyone seeking supportive and effective mental health care.

+1 (647) 559-0149

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