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Shannon Kane

Registered Psychotherapist, and Counsellor


Languages Spoken: English and French

Struggling with low self-esteem? Looking to unlock your full potential? Trauma can manifest differently in each individual. Shannon Kane, a compassionate mental health professional at Canadian Therapy, employs a somatic approach to create a relaxed mindset and facilitate open dialogue. As an Ontario-certified shame-informed specialist in training, Shannon combines talk therapy with body-focused techniques to help you explore and process your feelings and life experiences. These can include the child within you, the anger you feel, or even the addiction you may be grappling with. Shannon aims to help these aspects of yourself negotiate cooperatively within a safe environment through this method.

Even as a young girl of ten, Shannon was drawn to the role of a therapist, finding that people naturally felt comfortable sharing their stories with her. This early realization led her to become the helping professional she is today.

Welcoming adults aged 16 and above, Shannon provides an empathic environment in addressing LGBTQS2+ issues and those about both men and women and is fluent in English and French. She has a broad range of expertise that includes working with victims of accidents, eating disorders, sexual harassment, job transitions, adoption disruptions, couple therapy, and more. Whether dealing with anxiety, depression, borderline personality disorder, or aiming for psychological flexibility, Shannon believes in cultivating a safe environment that fosters mental awareness and freedom.

Sometimes, the hardest step towards healing is reaching out for help. Shannon Kane has dedicated her life to understanding and supporting individuals in various mental health roles and settings in Ontario. With experience spanning day programs, group homes, Riverview Mental Hospital, Stepping Stones Community Services Society and now Canadian Therapy, Shannon's ability to connect and support individuals in different contexts is finely honed. Shannon is deeply committed to providing the support her clients need, valuing their trust in her.

Shannon's academic achievements include a MA in Counselling Psychology from Yorkville University and a BA specializing in Therapeutic Recreation from Concordia University. Additionally, she has pursued multiple professional certifications, including pending DBT certification from PESI, Gottman Level 1 Couple Training, Certified Trauma Professional Certification, and Psychological First Aid Certification from Johns Hopkins University. Her therapeutic toolkit also includes techniques from IFS and EMDR through PESI. She is passionate about creating a secure environment for individuals to share their experiences and receive support at Canadian Therapy.

While Shannon's credentials make her a versatile qualified mental health professional in Ontario, her passion for helping others defines her work. She looks forward to supporting you in a safe and inclusive environment at Canadian Therapy.

+1 (647) 559-0149

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