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Angeli Culver

Registered Social Worker, and Counsellor

A safe space to explore emotions, feelings, and perspectiveswithout judgment. That’s what you can expect from each sessionwith AngeliCulver, MSW RSW, who has built her practice on afoundation of compassion and understanding. Every interactionisconducted through an empathetic lens, allowing clients to embarkfully on their healing journey in an environment that iscomfortable and welcoming.

Angeli is a dedicated Registered Social Worker with over sevenyears of clinical experience. She hasa Master of Social Workdegree from the University of Toronto, specializing in Health,andMental Health, and a Bachelor of Social Work degree from NiagaraUniversity, where she was on the Dean’s List for her exceptionalwork. In addition to her degrees, Angeli has furthered herknowledge by taking courses on attachment, relationship therapy,inner child work; emotion regulation, Cognitive BehavioralTherapy, and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy.

Angeli is skilled at supporting individuals andspecializesworking withcouples to navigate challenging family, relationship,and workplace conflicts. She works with her clients to understandtheir behavioural and emotional patterns by making connectionsfrom their early childhood experiences. She helps bring awarenessto healthy and unhealthy thought patterns in hopes of soothingwounds and rebuilding and maintaining a healthier mindset. Angeli supports her clients with developing strong interpersonalcommunication skills so they can feel at ease when expressing theiremotions to themselves, friends, and loved ones.

Angeli brings a culturally sensitive lens to her therapy sessionsand welcomes people from any walk of life. She speaks English,Hindi, and Urdu and has a working knowledge of Punjabi. Angeli isan ally of the LGBTQS2+ community.

When working with Angeli, clients can expect to be challenged ingentle, mindful ways to help modify their unhelpful thinking andbehavioural patterns. Through building a solid therapeuticrelationship, Angeli can help you toovercome challenges and embarkon a healthier, happier life.

+1 (647) 559-0149

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