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What We Do

At Toronto Couples Counselling, we empower, support, and educate our clients to manage and overcome relationship issues. We focus on giving couples or individuals in a relationship the tools and place to communicate their feelings and reflect on relationship interactions and patterns. Our team of psychotherapists specialize in relationship counselling and are committed to making a difference in the lives of everyone we work with. Toronto Couples Counselling is a subsidiary of Canadian Therapy, a Toronto-based supportive counselling clinic accepting new clients for online appointments from across Ontario. 

Our Story

Toronto Couple Counselling is a branch of Canadian Therapy and we  believes in the value of staying small and intimate. We prefer to be big on what matters most: your experience with our psychotherapists. Our client-first approach ensures that your care is top of mind and that you experience intimate, attentive, personalized therapy throughout your relationship with your therapist.


We ensure our therapists keep a smaller caseload than other clinics and maintain availability in their schedule to be there when you need them. Authenticity is reflected in who we are and what we offer. We are mindful that each individual's journey is unique and pride ourselves on creating a unique online therapy experience better than any other for our clients throughout Toronto, especially with a generalized cultural perspective.

Our therapists and staff embody our three core values: 


Our passion for helping others is part of our personality. We are committed to providing you with the best care and going above and beyond so you can live your best life.​


We work hard to build your trust through confidential support in a safe, non-judgmental space. Your Trust, Our Purpose: Now we can empower growth.


You can expect kindness and respect in every interaction you have with us. Whether you are looking for a referral, a single appointment, or want to develop a long-term relationship with us, we are committed to your journey. 

Meet Our Founder

Languages Spoken: English, Punjabi, Hindi

Meet Preeti Taneja, the founder behind Canadian Therapy, a transformative sanctuary dedicated to mental health and well-being. Preeti's inspiration for establishing this practice emerged from her personal experiences growing up in a traditional Indian family in Canada. As a South Asian female, she felt the tension of balancing her heritage with her identity as a first-generation Canadian. Witnessing the struggles her parents faced in upholding Indian values in a foreign land ignited her mission to bridge the cultural gap and provide much-needed support services for the South Asian community.

Contact Us                     +1 (647) 559-0149

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